vendredi 13 décembre 2013


Pourquoi la Salers? 

  •  aptitude à la marche ,qualité des aplombs
  • Résistance au climat
  •  Résistance aux variations alimentaires
  •  Fertilité, fécondité et longévité
  •  Facilité de vêlage " Dormez Tranquille, Elevez salers "


  • Excellent fertility being able to calve down easily at 2 years of age with quick rebreeding
  • A large pelvic region ensures trouble free calving "Sleep tight, breed Salers!"
  • Small calves with "Get up and Go"
  • Quality milk which increases with the calf's need
  • Competitive live weight gains from birth
  • High forage conversaion rate in the worst conditions
  • Thick skin and a strong curly coat enables Salers to withstand the harshest of weather
  • Lean, finely marbled meat in the finished animal means less waste for the butcher
  • The combinations of the Salers attributes means they last longer, cutting down the cost of replacement requirements  

8 commentaires:

  1. La race salers c' est la plus belle

  2. La salers plus qu ' une race , une passion

  3. la race salers est vraiment magnifique ! et se sont des vaches tellement belles et tellement gentilles alors VIVE LA SALERS et aussi merci à tous les éleveurs qui font vivre cette superbe race Victor .s

  4. Having full time employment outside farming the SALERS had suited us for over 10 years as a crossing sire on our commercial herd , the main attraction was the ease of calving but then we discovered how well they performed on our farm.
    Since 2005 we changed to pedigree SALERS witch are run commercially we are now running 40 breading females witch are very easily managed and provide good returns and are a pleasure to work with we wouldn't change them for any other breed.

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing your passion with us Harri!

  6. on apprend plein de choses! Merci

  7. De merveilleuses qualités signe d'un patrimoine génétique riche.